Below are a small selection of the many hundreds of cars and bikes we’ve restored, modified, rescued or customised over the past 20 years. There’s not much we haven’t done and we equally at home working on Maseratis and Ferraris as we are Datsuns and Falcons.

Car: 1971 BMW 2800CS. Owner: John from Fuel Bespoke Design. Work undertaken: Comprehensive bodywork, back to OEM standards with restomod upgrades. Lead wiping. Work done together with owner.
Bike: 1960 BMW R60 "Plunger. Owner: MotoRRetro Work Undertaken: Frankenstein parts bin special with MotoRRetro-designed parts. All bespoke panels.
Bike: Handmade Contemporary Vincent Black Shadow. Owner: Simon Work Undertaken: Custom metal shaping of subframe, seat pan, fairing, tank, ducktail, guards and dash.
Car: 1968 Toyota 2000 GT. Owner: Phil Work Undertaken: Comprehensive metalworking to OEM standards including unpicking of external & internal panels, cleaning, repairing & refabrication, epoxy priming prior to welding and reassembly. Lead wiping.
Bike: 1979 BMW R100 RS. Owner: MotoRRetro Work Undertaken: Custom alloy body panels, front guard & tank. Bespoke seat & headlight. CNC front wheel. Many other custom touches.
Car: 1970 Maserati Ghibli 4.7. Owner: Richard Work Undertaken: Comprehensive metal shaping and remanufacturing of panels and components back to OEM standards. Lead wiping.
Bike: 1979 Honda CBX Owner: MotoRRetro Work Undertaken: Neo cafe racer restomod with top shelf contemporary parts and handmade aero bodywork. Full engine rebuild.
Car: 1973 Datsun 240Z Owner: Tim Work Undertaken: Repair of previous accident damage, substandard repairs and corrosion. Lead wiping. Fitting of aftermarlket panels to OEM standards and prep for RB26 Skyline engine.
Car: 1948 Jaguar XK120 Owner: Dave Work Undertaken: New rear door frames & skins, new RHS front guard and lead wiping. Repair of bullet holes from 30 years sitting on a VIC farm.
Car: 1962 356B Porsche Customer: Nigel Work Undertaken: New floors and sills, unpicked front outer skin and replaced front half of nose clip with aftermarket panels, lead wiping.
Car: 1968 911 Work Undertaken: Smash repairs in conjunction with Shannons Insurance.
Car: 1992 964 Porsche Owner: Dean Work Undertaken: "Reverse" restomod including the fitment of aftermarket backdated bodywork, redesign of trunk interior, fitment of speedster rear deck and installation of older model lights and indicators, lead wiping.
Car: 1971 Ferrari 246 Dino Owner: Dean Work Undertaken: Remove front and rear clips, new sills and doors, retturn to OEM specs from previous custom, corrosion and accident damage, lead wiping.
Car: 1973 Ford Falcon XB Coupe Owner: Ed Work Undertaken: 300 hours of corrosion repair to return car to OEM standards, lead wiping.
Car: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Owner: Steven Work Undertaken: Corrosion repair, refit and alignment of panels, lead wiping.
Car: 1969 Porsche 911 Owner: Peter Work Undertaken: Car upspecced to RS standards, including new panles and minor colission repair work. Welding of rear wheel arch flares. Lead wiping.
Car: Lancia Aurelia B20 GT. Work Undertaken: Fabrication of new/unavailable parts to OEM standards that are no longer available while preserving existing parts and panels. Lead wiping.

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