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We love pretty much all BMW motorcycles, but we have a special place in our heart for the “Plungers”. So after a few choice scores at an auction (or jumble sale) a few years ago, we decided that the rag tag collection of parts we had sitting around collecting dust just might be the starting point for a class-looking but very non-factory restomod.

And after two years of blood, swetah and tränen (that’s German for “tears”), this is what we came up with. At the heart of the bike are key parts from two different BMW R60 donors. The frame and fuel tank are from a 1960s BMW R60, while the engine block and final drive come from a 1970s R60/5.

With plenty of help from our master motorcycle mechanic Giovanni Mariani, we modified the R60 engine block to accept the crank, barrels, and heads from a 1970s BMW R100. It’s a cool mechanical trick, but really it was just to confuse OCD trainspotters. We’re more than happy with the results and the bike was just featured on BIKEXIF.

So if you’re interested in us building your next =car or bike, why not get in touch with us at enquiries@motorretro.com.au or just visit our classes section for more info on our upcoming metalworking classes? See you soon!